I really wish I knew what people were smoking when they say Ian looks happier with Nikki than he ever did with Nina. Like, are you joking?

Yes, I can even admit he looks happy. However, it’s a different happiness than what he had with Nina because we never truly saw those two at the beginning of their relationship. This is still new for Nikki and Ian. The beginning of a new relationship is always super happy and giddy. Just saying. You’re completely delusional if you think he never smiled or was happy with Nina. Did you SEE the way he looked at her? Hell up until the Nikki thing he STILL looked at her that way. A look he’s never had with any of his past girlfriends or even Nikki.

Not saying they will ever get back together but, come the fuck on. Stop down playing Nian. He wasn’t with her for 3+ years because he was unhappy and miserable. He loved that girl so much it was obvious in his eyes and smile.

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To the few remaining existing SErs, read this. Just read it.

DErs, you too.

Stefan and Elena were never real. Their “love” was fake. The only reason they were ever together was because of Markos’ spell.

Markos’ spell forced and programmed Elena to fall in love with Stefan and be with him….

It’s just like the fact everyone seems to forget that Delena are endgame in the books. Originally yes, TVD was about Stelena and Delena was just part of the triangle. Then it developed more seriously and much has happened to where Delena ended up being endgame. That is another reason why in the beginning the writers said Stelena was end game. They didn’t realize how much effect Delena would have and how perfect they would be written, but they’ve clearly made the decision and have back-tracked the whole Stelena being endgame. Probably because of the fan base and because they try to stay some what true to the books. 

I never believed for the longest time Delena would be end game. I didn’t mind Stelena together, but I rooted for Delena because when it comes to love triangles I usually go for the underdog couple who isn’t endgame. Then I fell completely in love with Delena and even I was shocked at how everything turned around in favor of Delena endgame and when I read that Delena ended up being endgame in the books. I was shocked and obviously excited but, even if Stelena does end up being end game for whatever reason. I wouldn’t be such an asshole about it like Stelena fans are, I ship my couple but, I don’t completely tear about their ship. 

The main reason I can’t stand Stelena is that Stefan gets a free fucking pass for everything he’s ever done wrong. Yet, Damon is torn to pieces and is a piece of shit no matter how he redeems himself. It’s hypocritical. At least more Damon/Delena fans realize Damon can be an asshole and has done shitty things, but he takes responsibility for his actions and tries to become a better person. Stefan blames everything on everyone else and gets a free pass with everyone. Like come on! 

And hey Stelena fans, don’t tell Delena fans to stay out of YOUR tag, when you guys drown the Delena tag in hate and Stelena love as well. It’s a two way street. 

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You know I am an Ian fan no matter what. I want his happiness.

However IF and I say IF he is dating Nikki then the only reason I’m upset about it, despite the fact I wish it was Nina, is because this will be the second fucking time Nikki has pulled…

First off, no one said I have a say in their relationships. As I don’t. So don’t put words in my mouth. I think it’s just shitty and wrong and that’s why as a FAN, nothing to do with Ian, I don’t like it. It makes no difference to him what I or anyone else thinks. So I can have an opinion. The point is people bad mouthig those of us who don’t like it saying we’re not true fans because of it. Really? So to be a true fan you have to approve and agree with everything the person does? No. This is getting out of hand. The hatred on all ends. I’m not hating nor am I sending anyone hate mail. They will more than likely never see this post. It’s doing no harm. If he’s happy then power to him. I still think it’s shitty and I still dislike Nikki with a passion.

Secondly, what the hell difference does it make if I ship a TV couple? I think everyone forgets the fact Stefan also did the same with Katherine/Damon. Also I shipped Delena from the start because of the books. Is it shitty? Yeah. No one said it wasn’t. However, Stefan ended up being okay with it. Nina doesn’t seem too happy but who knows. Maybe she is! I don’t know. I’ve been in Nina’s shoes and I was destroyed by what happened. I’ve also made the mistake of being in Ian’s shoes and dating one of my ex’s best friends, more so because I didn’t realize how close they were and was too depressed to really care, however I regret it and would never do it again after seeing how badly it hurt my ex losing his friend. If they are together this is again the second time Nikki’s done it and hurt a friend so she clearly doesn’t care nor did she learn the first time round. That’s all.

You act like you know Nikki 😭 just FYI Ian and Ashley Greene dated before he started to date Nina. Not mention Ashley and Nina were good friends too... Additionally let's not forget Nina and Ian broke up more than a year ago... It's horrible enough these people have live their life in public eye. What's even worse is you calling Nikki out when you don't even know her...

No I don’t know her and wouldn’t want to. I however had connections with people who worked on the Twilight set and witnessed what happened between Rpatz, Kstew and Nikki. There is a reason her and Kstew stopped being friends. Also, Ashley and Ian never actually dated. She was with another guy at the time. It also makes no difference what I think of Nikki. Me calling her out? She’ll never see it nor would she care as IF she is going after Ian this is the second time she’s done it. So it obviously doesn’t bother her what other’s think. Jump off your high horse. I was simply stating why I along with other’s MIGHT have a disapproval. Even if I don’t know Nikki it’s publicly out there that she MAY be dating Ian. Nina has publicly started posting things hinting at the fact she’s hurt by it recently. I don’t have to know Nikki to know it’s a down right shitty thing to go after one of your “best friend’s” exes. No matter if it was a year ago or not. Especially if it’s hurting said friend. This is all under the assumption she IS going after Ian and they’re not just being friendly friends. Hence why I said the big IF. It’s common sense and courtesy to know it’s shitty to go after a friend’s ex especially if it’s hurting them and Nikki and Ian are being awfully publicly very friendly towards one another so they don’t care to hide it or what people think. However at the same time THEY agreed to be where they are. Yeah, being stalked by the Paparazzi and being in the public eye probably sucks greatly, but they knew what they were getting into when they pursued their acting careers. They knew this could happen and that they’d be watched, judged, and talked about. It’s human nature as well. I never claimed to know Nikki. I only know what’s clearly being shown public. I didn’t say she’s a whore or anything personal because I don’t know. I also didn’t say she’s definitely with Ian or going after him because I DONT KNOW. So make sure if you’re going to spout off shit like that you know what you’re saying because this was unnecessary. You might think it’s okay to go after a best friend’s ex regardless of their feelings but most people aren’t. Off with you now.

You know I am an Ian fan no matter what. I want his happiness.

However IF and I say IF he is dating Nikki then the only reason I’m upset about it, despite the fact I wish it was Nina, is because this will be the second fucking time Nikki has pulled this bullshit and I really wish people would kick her out of their lives already because she’s a horrible friend.

It is the tackiest thing ever to go after your best friend’s ex. Especially one that was a long relationship. Ian is to blame as well because it’s tacky of all the girls he’d pick one of his ex’s best friends. Nikki did the same thing to Kristen Stewart during Twilight which a lot of people don’t know about however I followed a underground close knit group of people back during the Twilight days. I knew Kstew and Rpattz were together long before anyone else. And when Kristen and Rob were secretly dating and had a falling out Nikki, who was supposed to be best friends with Kristen, went after him. That is why Kristen and Nikki no longer talk or were friends. If you followed Twilight back then you should have noticed how close they were and the suddenly they weren’t. That’s why.

Nina by the looks of her Instagram is upset. So whether or not Nikki and Ian are 100% together. They are talking and getting too close and it’s clearly upset Nina. I feel bad for Nina. Nikki is a horrible friend and by the looks of things the Houghs aren’t much better. It’s just a shitty move. I still love and support Ian. Doesn’t mean I agree with his decisions all the time.

So that’s my two cents on why I don’t approve. And honestly part of me wonders if the rumors are true about Ian wanting Nina back and she’s been saying no and maybe he’s going after Nikki as an immature douche bag move to hurt her. Who knows.