I really don’t get how this whole forgetting Damon thing is working because the whole reason Elena left Stefan was because she fell in love with Damon. Now that she can’t remember being in love with Damon, isn’t she highly confused on why the broke up or everything that happened the last 2 years? She was like “wait the fuck, it’s been 2 years since we broke up, what happened.” Then she just ignored it. 

It’s also amusing how everyone judged Elena, mostly Caroline, for getting with Damon. Yet now she’s all “Elena what the fuck you forgot Damon, you selfish little bitch.” Like girrrrl, you’re the selfish one. (I love Caroline don’t get me wrong but, come on. She gets feelings for Stefan and now she’s all gung ho about Delena and upset Elena forgot him because now she feels threatened by her) but in all honesty, I don’t think there is any way Stelena can happen again. Stefan has moved on, Elena clearly moved on and even with her feelings for Damon suppressed, she’s not all on Stefan’s dick. I think that speaks volumes. Yeah, they’re getting their friendship back and being adorable Stelena friendship as usual but I don’t think it’ll ever go past that. 

Give me Steroline. 

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Did I miss something, since when were Ian and Derek ever “best friends”?